Nutrition Shake -The Facts and The Perks

Nutrition Shake -The Facts and The Perks

Shakes used to bring forth images of summer, cooling down with various fruity, sweet and refreshing fruit shakes by the pool or by the beach. Nowadays, with the use of smart marketing, word of mouth and good reviews, shakes have come to be also known as a staple in every health buff’s workout routine.  

With proper knowledge and discipline, nutrition and protein shakes can be your best friend whether you’re aiming to lose weight or working to gain muscle mass. But, what are nutrition shakes in the first place?  

A well-balanced, plain protein shake is made up of at least 12 grams of protein, fibers, vitamins and minerals and without sugar. People had created countless different recipes to switch up the taste. After all, no matter how disciplined a person is, they’re bound to want variety.  

Some recipes include adding fruits and berries into the mix, while some add other ingredients skimmed milk and peanut butter. By adding different components to the mix, it also adds different layers to the shake. For example, adding skimmed milk helps increase muscle size and strength. On the other hand, adding peanut butter helps the body increase its intake and absorption of quality fats. And if one is looking to stabilize their blood sugar levels, they can add a dash or two of cinnamon.  

These are only some of the possible add-ons to a nutrition shake. As one can probably notice, nutrition shakes can have different effects on the body. It largely depends on the drinker’s goal. The ingredients and recipes will simply follow.

Nutrition shakes are mostly associated with body builders, as it is used interchangeably with protein shakes. Enter any gym at any given time and it’s a sure thing that one’s going to see at least one person chugging a nutrition shake. And why not? After intense workouts like heavy lifting, boxing, and wrestling, the body repair itself almost immediately afterward. By supplying it with the nutrients that it needs, the body jump starts and goes beyond its healing and right not building bigger and stronger muscles, and endurance. For this, Atkins Advantage shake is a great go-to shake as it contains a blend of the highest-rates proteins in the world – soy, whey, and milk. Perhaps, to go an extra mile, one can even add skimmed milk to this recipe. This type of nutrition shake may be more commonly drank after workouts but they also make for a good pre-workout drink. It will keep one’s blood sugar up for intense morning workouts.  

At the other end of the spectrum are the individuals who drink nutrition shakes on their path to lose unwanted weight. The key here is to remember the word “nutrition” in nutrition shakes. Unlike weight loss pills and dietary supplements for weight loss, nutrition shakes emphasize on supplying appropriate nutrients to one’s body. Atkins Vanilla RTD with slices of apples and a tablespoon of wheat pan or oats can fill one up really good for the day and at the same time, boost their fiber intake. In losing weight, fiber will always come up as it helps with digestion and absorption.  

Aside from either helping one gain muscle mass or lose weight, nothing beats the convenience of having an instant meal replacement shakes with nutrients in one shake. Pre or post-workout, or even just throughout a busy day, a nutrition shake can quench one’s hunger easily and with just the right amount of protein, fiber and calories needed. With Atkins Advantage, RTD shakes, gone are the days of hidden large amounts of sugar in nutrition shakes. With 20 grams of protein, 2 to 4 grams of fiber and only 1 to 2 grams of net carbohydrates, totaling to only 170 calories, the Atkins Advantage RTD shakes smoothly combines a good balanced diet with convenience. One can easily prepare this in less than 5 minutes every morning and drink it wherever and whenever they want – in the car, at their office cubicle and even just simply substituting it for a heavy lunch.  

In total, like all the great things in life, nutrition shakes can be adapted and adjusted depending on the need of the individual. With Atkins as the base of one’s nutrition shake, it is easy to customize every bottle to what one’s body requires. From losing weight to gaining muscle, there’s a nutrition shake for every need.