Mama June’s Gastric Sleeve Surgery That Led to Significant Weight Loss

Mama June’s Gastric Sleeve Surgery That Led to Significant Weight Loss

From ordinary people to celebrities, weight loss is something that millions of people from all walks of life are struggling with. Different diet plans have been implemented and various workout routines have been designed but weight loss and weight management are something that isn’t easy. Apart from meal replacement shakes, some people have turned to medical options like weight loss surgeries such as gastric sleeve surgery or slimming pills such as phentermine. 

One person who was significantly lost weight is June Shannon aka Mama June. The Mama June transformation has caught the attention of most people who are obese or struggling with weight gain. The celebrity mom who has starred in popular shows like “Toddlers and Tiaras” and “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo” has lost over 300 pounds and her weight loss journey was documented on “Mama June: From Not to Hot”, a reality program on WE TV. 

It’s been over one year since Mama June showed the world her weight loss transformation. Before undergoing the weight loss surgery in 2016, the 38-year-old woman weighed about 460 lbs. at her heaviest. What led to the Mama June transformation was a weight loss surgery and a lifestyle overhaul. She started working out, changed her diet and began eating healthy foods. By the end of the reality TV show in March 2017, she had moved from a size 18 to a size 4. Kenya Crooks, a professional personal trainer had a hand in the Mama June transformation and he helped her to achieve her weight loss goals. Crooks helped Mama June to shed over 80 pounds within just three months. 

A professional trainer is an important partner who can help you reach your weight loss goals quickly. Working with a personal trainer means that you will remain consistent and dedicated. They also offer helpful tips on foods and workouts which can help to enhance weight loss. Furthermore, they are the only people who can hold you accountable when it comes to lifestyle choices that affect your weight. 

Facts about Gastric Sleeve Surgery 

Gastric sleeve is a type of surgery that helps patients to lose weight by reducing food intake and food cravings. Those who wish to use this weight loss method should be aware that: 

1. Its Permanent

Gastric sleeve is permanent and it cannot be reversed. Almost 80 percent of the stomach is removed and a slender tube which resembles a sleeve is what is usually left behind. 

2. It Reduces the Production of Ghrelin

This surgery usually leads to a section of the stomach which produces ghrelin, the hunger hormone, to be removed. Less production of Ghrelin means that the patient will end up feeling less hungry. 

3. It can be a one or two-stage surgery

This means that the patient can undergo the procedure once, or twice and this normally involves the Duodenal Switch Surgery. 

However, this type of surgery can’t be done on every overweight individual. The patient has to be morbidly obese with a BMI of over 35 and they are at risk of other health problems such as diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol etc. Other medical procedures which can be used include prescription pills such as phentermine. This slimming pill is an appetite controller that works by suppressing the patient’s appetite leading to a calorie deficit that results in weight loss. Note that phentermine is normally prescribed for not more than twelve weeks because it’s highly addictive. 

Since her Surgery, Mama June has associated her massive weight loss transformation to working out and eating healthy. She said that these two factors have helped her weight loss journey to come to a full circle and she loves what she feels inside as well as outside. Her sister and child had sister initially failed to support her weight loss efforts because they thought she could attain her weight loss goals by simply eating healthy foods but they eventually had to support her. 

Weight gain and obesity can be caused by a lot of factors such as diseases, and lifestyle choices including Chronic stress, binge eating, aging, treatment of diseases such as diabetes, steroids etc. There are also factors which can motivate people to lose weight e.g. jobs, diseases, relationships, and others. Mama June’s motivation was Sugar Bear, her ex-husband. She wanted to lose weight in order to make him jealous. It was all about revenge. However, this journey quickly evolved to be a personal goal. 

A weight loss method such as the gastric sleeve can take both physical and emotional toll on the patient. This is because the patient ends up shedding a significant amount of weight which results in a new physical appearance. Most people usually end up with excess flappy skin which can affect them emotionally leading to a low self-esteem. Mama June, for example, had to undergo a breast augmentation. She had surgery to remove chunks of skin around her neck and also got veneers.