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A Garage Makeover with Rachel Metz from Living to DIY
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A Garage Makeover with Rachel Metz from Living to DIY


Spring Cleaning: A Garage Makeover

New year, new garage, who this? That’s right! I had the opportunity to partner up with Home Depot to transform my lack luster garage into the ultimate one stop shop for all my organization and cleaning needs.

Garage Makeover

Fun fact: I wanted to sleep on top of the workbench the night I put it together!


What I Was Working With…

Garage Makeover

Step 1 | Organize + Declutter

At first, I wasn’t sure how to tackle the space because the thought of opening the cabinets was a headache and a half. The amount of items my boyfriend has shoved in those cabinets without using boxes half the time made me cringe!

Nonetheless the first step for any garage makeover is going through every and anything that lives within it.

Not everyone’s method of organizing is going to be the same so if you have a way that works best for you, go at it! Personally, I like to open up the cabinets to get a “preview” of what I’m in for. When I say get a preview, I mean it! I open it up, step back, peek in and around items all before physically moving an item out. This sounds crazy but bare with me…I start grouping things in my head while browsing through that way when I do take everything out, I have a rough outline of what goes where.

Garage Makeover

Typically that breaks down to donation, trash, a keep pile that will go into storage and a keep pile of items we’d like access to.

Step 2 | Pack It Up

Garage Makeover

The cardboard boxes and free floating items weren’t going to cut it anymore. I went with these Sterilite Storage boxes with black handles and love them! To stop myself from giving up halfway through, I lined all of them up and started packing them full.

Garage MakeoverGarage MakeoverGarage Makeover

Step 3 | Installation

Garage Makeover

I introduce to you the newest addition to the family New Age Pro 3.0 18Gauge Welded Steel Bamboo Worktop Cabinet Set in Platinum! The minute I saw this baby in person my vision started coming together.

With this new workbench coming in, it inspired me to get rid of my old shelving entirely and fit what I have into that one unit versus the four that currently exists. I wanted to get rid of my current shelving units for a lot of reasons but to keep it brief:

  1. I didn’t want to have it as an excuse to lean on to allow things to pile up.
  2. This garage is actually home to two of my sets for shooting my content! Out of the three “liveable” walls, two are dedicated to storage that we never touch. I took this opportunity to create my dream workbench area and challenge myself to only store the necessary.
  3. They were so dated and dinged up …they h a d to go.

Garage MakeoverGarage Makeover

Keep in mind: you will need multiple humans to help you safely unload and install.

Garage Makeover

To be honest, I was so intimidated diving into this but quickly realized anyone can set this up and install per the manual. It lays any and every situation you may run into during the process.

Garage Makeover

Step 5 | Organize

Garage MakeoverGarage Makeover

After I had the workbench installed, I dove into organize all my things into it. Being a DIY YouTuber that is using power tools one day then frosting a cupcake the next; the New Age Pro 3.0 18Gauge Welded Steel Bamboo Worktop Cabinet Set in Platinum allowed me organize both of my worlds into one spot.

Garage Makeover

I love that the Sterilite Storage Boxes are clear so I don’t need to label since I can see right through it.

Step 6 | Adding Details

Garage Makeover

I always say there is no reason not every part of your home can’t look incredible! To the wall above, I added some skateboard decks that are near and dear to my heart. Adding a unique decor item instantly adds personality.

Garage Makeover

To the wall space above the workbench table, I decided to turn it into an area where I can storyboard all my projects and builds. You can add a pegboard, cork board, LED lights, framed photos or even turn it into a chalkboard…there is so much you can do with the wall space that is left so be sure to make it work for your lifestyle.

I added clipboards to keep my projects in one place, simple shelving and of course gold home decor accents from Home Depot.

Garage Makeover

Step 7 | Step Back & Enjoy!

This was my first garage makeover and to be honest, I had no clue where to take it when staring at this…

Garage Makeover

But now? Are you kidding me!?

I will have to physically be removed to stop creating, cleaning and organizing. Tackling a garage was one of my adulting nightmares but with these tips, tricks and materials from Home Depot; it became a fun weekend passion project.

Garage MakeoverGarage Makeover

Garage Makeover

Six Easy Steps to a DIY Modern Loft Bed for Teens
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Six Easy Steps to a DIY Modern Loft Bed for Teens


Stacy Risenmay of Not Just a Housewife recently re-designed her son’s bedroom. For the new space, Stacy built a custom modern loft bed.

Find out how you can recreate this look in six simple steps!

Six Easy Steps to Build a DIY Modern Loft Bed for Teens

When I was planning this bedroom makeover I knew that my two boys, that are 16 and 10, would be sharing the space. They both love music and like the same colors, but I worried the age gap would be hard to address. My oldest wanted a modern, urban feel, and my 10-year-old wanted a fort for a bed. Most fort beds I have seen are rustic and sometimes resemble a cabin or treehouse. The question was: how do I mesh the fort idea with the modern feel my teenager was wanting? I came up with this modern loft bed and both my sons couldn’t be happier!

It was a fairly simple build.


Cut List


2 x 4 boards

  • (2) 78 in. cuts for the legs
  • (2) 68 in. cuts for the legs

1 x 4 boards

  • (12) 79 in. cuts for the front and back pieces
  • (18) 41 in. cuts for the mattress slats and end pieces
  • (7) 20 in. cuts for the end pieces
  • (6) 33½ in. cuts for the front pieces next to window
  • (1) 30 in. cuts that connect the 20 in. end pieces
  • (2) 54 in. cuts for the ladder sides
  • (3) 18 in. cuts for the ladder rungs
  • (4) 2¾ in. cuts for the end pieces

2 x 2 boards

  • (2) 78 in. cuts for the legs
  • (2) 68 in. cuts for the legs
  • (2) 70 in. cuts for the side rails for slats

Outside Corner Pieces

  • (2) 11½ in. cuts for the window trim
  • (2) 10.375 in. cuts for the window trim

Step 1: Label the pieces

Because there were so many pieces, I labeled them with pencil as I cut them.

Step 2: Sand and Stain

After sanding all the pieces, I added one coat of Minwax Classic Black water-based stain.

Step 3: Build the rails

The 70-in. 2 x 2 boards were attached to two of the 79-in. boards using screws and wood glue. These will be the rails that the mattress slats will rest. I attached those two 79-in. boards and two 41-in. boards together using pocket holes.

Step 4: Build the legs

To create the legs, I attached 2 x 2 to 2 x 4’s making an L shape. I did this using screws and wood glue. I sunk the screws heads and puttied over them before staining.

Because there is an air vent on the wall, I made the back of this bed shorter, so it wouldn’t cover it. You can make this bed the same height in the front and back if you want.

Now that the base and the legs are assembled, it is time to join them together. I used six screws per leg.

Step 5: Assemble the bed

Now it is time to start adding the front pieces. Start with 79-in. pieces and then in the middle add the 33½-in. pieces to form an opening for the window. Then finish it off with more 79-in. pieces.

The right-side end will consist of all 41-in. boards but will not go as high as the front (unless you chose to make the front and back equal). The left side will go as high as the front (since it will be seen) but will be made up of 20-in. boards so that there is an opening to get on and off the bed. All these boards are attached with screws from the back side, so they are not seen.

How to Build a DIY Modern Bed with Storage
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How to Build a DIY Modern Bed with Storage


Stacy Risenmay of Not Just A Housewife wanted to come up with a fun bed design for her son’s new room. This DIY modern bed with storage not only looks great in a kid’s room, but it’s also very functional.

Read on to see step-by-step instructions!

How to Build a DIY Modern Bed with Storage

DIY Modern Bed with Storage

When he was younger, my son had a bed with drawers and he really liked the extra storage. When planning his new room, I wanted to come up with a new bed design that also had storage but was a bit more modern.

We are both really happy with the end result!

I have built serval beds in my time and this was by far the simplest one to build.

Cut List

Plywood Sheets

  • (2) 40 in. x 76 in. cuts
  • (4) 40 in. x 7.875 in. cuts

1 x 4 boards

  • (2) 37 ½ in. cuts
  • (8) 40 in. cuts

Step 1: Cut the plywood

DIY Modern Bed with Storage

I had someone at The Home Depot cut the plywood there in the store, so it would fit in my car better. Plus, it saved me the time of pulling out the table saw at home. The 40 in. x 76 in. pieces will be the top and bottom of the bed. The thin strip will become the center slats that separate the different cubbies. Cut 4 pieces that are 40 in. long. The large scrap piece is extra. You can save it for a future project.

Step 2: Cover rough edges

DIY Modern Bed with Storage

Once the plywood pieces are all cut, use banding to cover the rough edges. Use an iron and follow the directions on the package.

Step 3: Trim excess

DIY Modern Bed with Storage

Once all the banding it on, trim any excess with a razorblade knife.

Step 4: Stain the Wood

DIY Modern Bed with Storage

It is easier to stain the pieces before assembling them. I used Classic Black from Minwax.

Step 5: Add cubby slats

DIY Modern Bed with Storage

Measure and decide where you want the slat to go. You can have some cubbies smaller or they can all be the same size. It is up to you.

DIY Modern Bed with Storage

drilled pocket holes along the slats in order to screw them onto the top and bottom of the bed. Make sure to stain the inside of the pocket holes as well so they are less noticeable. I do not fill them in case we ever need to disassemble the bed to move it.

Step 6: Install the headboard

DIY Modern Bed with Storage

The 1 x 4 boards that are 37.5 in. long get screwed into the back of the bed vertically. These will be what the 40 in. 1 x 4 boards headboard slat get attached to. I screwed from the back, so they were not visible.

DIY Modern Bed with Storage

I used pennies as spacers in between each slat.

DIY Modern Bed with Storage

To give it a bit more height, and to make it easier to access the cubbies on the other side, I added 2 in. all metal casters. One on each corner and two in the middle.

Final Reveal

DIY Modern Bed with Storage

I think it is safe to say that this teenager is happy with his bedroom upgrade!

DIY Modern Bed with Storage

And this bed fits perfectly with the bed I built for my other son. You can see the tutorial for the loft bed on The Home Depot Blog here.

Shop lumber and building materials to build your own DIY modern bed with storage at The Home Depot. Find other bedroom ideas and inspiration on The Home Depot Blog.

Turning Your Basement Into The Perfect Workspace
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Turning Your Basement Into The Perfect Workspace


Turning Your Basement Into The Perfect Workspace


Spring is that glorious time of year when you feel a need to clean the massive mess produced throughout the winter when motivation was the only thing lower than the temperature. Unfortunately, I do not own a garage at this time, but I do have a basement that serves a similar purpose, minus the car parking. I call it my “workshop”. In all honesty, it is actually our wood-shop, laundry room, gym, gardening shed, storage space, etc. The basement gets pretty crazy around here and times with piles of tools on stacks of junk. That being said, I thought I would let the folks at The Home Depot help me try to salvage a seemingly lost cause. We succeeded!

The Vision


Right off the bat, I decided that one corner of my basement will hereby be dedicated to helping me stay organized throughout the year, in hopes that it will save me time in the future. A clean space is an efficient space and the key to organizing is purging the room of anything you no longer need. That was my theory during my aggressive basement cleansing frenzy. I completely cleared a corner of all our embarrassing junk and I was left with a blank canvas to start my self-declared intervention. When deciding how to go about this, starting big and ending small seemed like the most logical approach so I took a trip to my local Home Depot to review my options.



Having shelves to store things on is great, but having cabinets to store things in is even better. Keeping my smaller miscellaneous items hidden and dust-free was a must. Upon review of all the different options, I decided the Gladiator Premier Series 13-Piece Garage Cabinet and Wall Storage System in Silver Tread was the right solution for me. Of all the garage systems I have seen, Gladiator stands out among the rest for several reasons. They are heavy steel, well-built, well-designed, and preassembled. There is no doubt in my mind that these cabinets could last several lifetimes and their black textured exterior with diamond-plated doors/drawers create a tough combination that hides oil and makes it really hard to scuff. The cabinets have ample storage space for my needs and the hefty rolling cabinets are great for mobility. 

Perhaps the main selling point for me was Gladiator’s solid GearTrack system. When I heard that the upper cabinets could mount to a track and I could slide them wherever I wanted down the wall, my mind was blown.  In addition to this perk, the GearTrack allows for insane versatility. The brand sells countless specialty hooks, mounts, and shelves to customize to an individual’s needs. In addition to the basic package, I also went with their padded swivel stool to hang out on, additional GearTracks for storage, base boards that are tough enough to last, a wired shelf for storing various items, a steel shelf to utilize as I work, and finally a big 66x30x18 rolling cabinet to make sure I have ample shelf space in the future. I am now a huge fan of Gladiator products.

Additional Storage


With a little room leftover on the left side of the wall, I decided to take a vertical approach. I paired Husky’s Latch and Stack Totes (two 5 gal. and two 15 gal.) with the Heavyweight Diamond Plate Shelf Support System. The totes are probably the first totes I have ever got my hands on that didn’t feel like the latches would break within a year. They are rugged and look pretty rad. Getting the totes off the ground to make room for additional items underneath seemed like a great idea so the shelf support system was a great way to open up space without cluttering the area.

The Fridge


Every garage or basement that one spends crazy amounts of time in should have a refrigerator. That way you never have to leave! I wanted to keep it small for my restricted space, but not so small that I would deem it useless.  The 4.4 cu ft. Magic Chef Mini Refrigerator caught my eye immediately. It is pretty large for a mini-fridge and the retro, candy apple red color looks so classy. This thing is spacious and purely awesome.

Keeping it Clean


All this stuff is so pretty; getting it dirty might possibly feel like a crime. To help combat that scenario and keep the rest of the house clean too, I bought some additional items that will aid us.  Our old trashcan had a broken wheel and was the hard plastic kind which are prone to cracking. I am a trim carpenter by day and I noticed the only cans that seem to handle the harsh punishment of a job site are the Rubbermaid Brute trash cans. They are softer than the norm and can take just about anything you throw in, at, and on them. The 32 gal. ended up being the perfect size for my little corner and it came with a vent feature that makes it easier to remove the trash bag.


The broom I owned was probably twice as old as I am so upgrading it was a high priority. The Rubbermaid Maximizer push broom blew my mind. Why no one has thought of designing a broom like this is beyond me.  Finally, there is a broom that catches the pile of sawdust, leaves, etc. on the sides and prevents the user from having to make multiple passes. The clever design keeps everything towards the middle, right where it should be. 


Lastly, I did not forget all the essential cleaning products.

  • We use Clorox Disinfecting Wipes on just about everything because they are quick, convenient, and do an excellent job.
  • The Clorox ProResults Concentrated Outdoor Bleach is a great inexpensive option to keep sidewalks and driveways clear of spots and mold.
  • Formula 409 Multi-surface cleaner is perfect for keeping cabinets and countertops clean through all our random kitchen accidents. 
  • A bottle of Windex is an absolute must in all households. There are a very few glass cleaners out there that leave a streak-free finish the way Windex does.
  • ZEP offers 32 oz. bottles of concentrated all-purpose cleaner and degreaser which are fantastic. Paired with a sprayer (sold separately), this product very cost-effective and can last you a long time. I have found that there is very little that it cannot clean. I bought four of them!
  • Lastly, there is no substitute for Bounty 2-ply paper towels. These are a must in every kitchen, workshop, garage, basement, etc. When compared to other brands, these absorb so much more liquid. Take this advice from a clumsy guy that spills everything he touches. I cannot even count how many times Bounty has helped me clean up cans of spilled stain or finishes.

The choices I made to clean and organize my basement work perfectly for me and my space. How would you design your ideal basement or garage space? If I could do it again, I am not sure I would change a thing. Once again, The Home Depot has helped me out of a tough situation thanks to their wide selection of products. As a DIYer and homeowner, I have to say I am very pleased.


Click here to shop the items you’ll need to turn your basement into the perfect workspace. Find more Storage and Organization ideas at The Home Depot Blog.

Easy and Affordable DIY Wooden Planter Boxes for Your Wedding
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Easy and Affordable DIY Wooden Planter Boxes for Your Wedding


Jaime Costiglio of Jaime Costiglio came up with a beautiful way to add character to this wedding reception entrance. Her DIY wooden planter boxes created a warm and welcoming feeling.

Just follow Jaime’s step-by-step DIY wooden planter boxes tutorial for your patio or next event!

DIY Wooden Planter Boxes

Easy and Affordable DIY Wooden Planter Boxes for Your Wedding

Wedding décor includes everything from the smallest of details to the larger pieces in a party space. Take a good look at your venue, whether that space is indoors or outside, does it feel complete? If you’re wanting to add big impact wedding décor without breaking the bank consider these large DIY wooden planter boxes.

Easy and Affordable DIY Wooden Planter Boxes for Your Wedding

This reception site was a blank slate on the exterior and looked rather corporate so I built cedar wooden planter boxes to flank the entry creating a more inviting and warmer feel for guests as they enter the space.

Easy and Affordable DIY Wooden Planter Boxes for Your Wedding

Warm cedar boards straight off the shelf are the perfect contrast against the dark grey siding and play wonderfully with the faux evergreens. Think how pretty these planters would be with real trees or florals overflowing in your venue! And after the big event you have beautiful big planters to use at your home (or maybe a parent’s home if you don’t have the space yet).

Easy and Affordable DIY Wooden Planter Boxes for Your Wedding

Down below I will share the step by step tutorial to build cedar wood planters. These planters measure 28 ½ in. x 27 in. x 24 in. tall with an interior space capable of holding a 22 in. diameter pot. Measure your event site and be sure to account for walking space for guests then adjust the planters to fit your space.

As always read through the entire project before beginning in order to understand the progression of steps. I choose to leave these planters unsealed.



Cut list for one planter:

1 x 6 boards

  • 4 @ 24 in. both ends 5 degree miter, not parallel (side panel 1)
  • 4 @ 23 in. both ends 5 degree miter, not parallel (side panel 2)
  • 4 @ 22 1/8 in. both ends 5 degree miter, not parallel (side panel 3)
  • 4 @ 21 1/8 in. both ends 5 degree miter, not parallel (side panel 4)

1 x 2 boards

  • 4 @ 24 in. both ends 5 degree miter, parallel (legs)

2 x 3 boards

  • 4 @ 24 in.both ends 5 degree miter, parallel (interior corners)

Step 1: Make the Side Panels

Easy and Affordable DIY Wooden Planter Boxes for Your Wedding

Attach the side panels to the legs using 1 ¼ in. pocket hole screws. Begin at the top longest side board and work your way down leaving a 1 ¾ in. space on the bottom.  Make 4.

Step 2: Attach the Corner Pieces

Easy and Affordable DIY Wooden Planter Boxes for Your Wedding

Attach the 2 x 3 interior corner pieces to only 2 side panels (A & B). Clamp in place and secure from exterior using 1 5/8 in. lath screws.

Step 3: Attach the Side Panels

Easy and Affordable DIY Wooden Planter Boxes for Your Wedding

Attach side C to A & B as per the sketch. Use 1 5/8 in. lath screws on the exterior.

Step 4: Attach the Final Side

Easy and Affordable DIY Wooden Planter Boxes for Your Wedding

Attach the final side D to A & B again using 1 5/8 in. lath screws from the exterior.

Easy and Affordable DIY Wooden Planter Boxes for Your Wedding

The visible lath screw head provides a slight industrial feel and I love the contrast against the rough cedar. Cedar boards have a rough and a smooth side so I opted to keep the rough side on the exterior. However, if you’re looking for a something a little less rustic, you could use the smooth side.

Easy and Affordable DIY Wooden Planter Boxes for Your Wedding

Despite the rainy, grey weather these cedar wood planters made a dull entrance space look amazing for very little effort. Imagine all the things you could build for your wedding space! Get planning now and you can make cedar planters in time for your next event.

Make your own DIY wooden planter boxes for your wedding with materials at The Home Depot. Find more DIY wedding decor projects on The Home Depot Blog.

Free Rainbow Printable There's Always Something Beautiful After the Rain
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Free Rainbow Printable: There’s Always Something Beautiful After the Rain


Hello Remodelaholics! It’s Dawn from AD Aesthetic here with a new printable graphic to brighten up your home for spring. It was around this time last year that I created one of my favorite printables to date, this modern rainy umbrella print. Well, inspired again by the rainy weather we’ve been having, today’s printable is also about the rain: there’s always something beautiful after the rain.

Often around this time of year when the weather is dreary and rainy, I have to continuously remind myself that the Summer sun is just around the corner. Your printable today is a cheerful reminder that “there’s always something beautiful after the rain”. It features a bright, colorful rainbow emerging after the storm — something beautiful to keep us positive as the rain keeps pouring down.

Click here to get this free printable, in all 3 sizes

I’ve got you all set up with 3 common frame sizes (8×10, 5×7 and 4×6). Simply download the PDF to your computer and print out the page with the size that fits your frame of choice. Then, trim it out, slip it into your frame and hang it in a dreary corner to brighten up your space.


Free Rainbow Printable Graphic: Something Beautiful After The Rain | AD Aesthetic For #Remodelaholic #freeprintableartcollection

Over at my website AD Aesthetic, my blogging parter Ashley and I LOVE to see what you do with your printables! So, please photograph and share pictures of how you use them in your space. Be sure to tag us on Instagram @adaesthetic and @remodelaholic.


More free decor printables:

modern umbrella print

Free Printable Graphic • Umbrella • AD Aesthetic For Remodelaholic • Horizontal

floral watercolor “May flower” printable

Free Printable Graphic • AD Aesthetic For Remodelaholic • Horizontal

blue watercolor squares printable art

gold foil and blue watercolor print setFree Printable Gift Idea, Blue And Gold Love Print Set @Remodelaholic

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About Dawn Sailors

Dawn is one half of the team behind the creative blog, AD Aesthetic. By day she works as the VP of Creative for a design and marketing company (getting paid to make things look good!), while by night she renovates her Midwest home, refinishes thrift-store furniture for fun, and works with her husband on raising two tiny humans. Dawn believes in the potential to design your surroundings and your life one day at a time, and lives by the motto, ‘Make everything beautiful.’ Get to know her better by visiting her blog,, or following along on Facebook and Instagram.

40 Stunning Spring Door Decor Ideas
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40 Stunning Spring Door Decor Ideas




40 Stunning Spring Door Decor Ideas

In this post:

Page 1 // Page 2 // Page 3 // Page 4

With Spring popping up all over, it’s time to turn to our front doors.  Ornaments, winter white, or gold glitter just won’t cut it anymore – bring on the greens!  If your door is looking a little tired after the cold season, dress it up in pretty pastels, fresh greens and neutrals.  Use flowers, moss and succulents in unexpected ways.  Add eggs and nests for even more Springtime punch.  Think outside the round wreath form – to baskets, umbrellas or picture frames.  If you want to get really creative, skip the typical wreath ideas all together and go with pinwheels, hot air balloons, butterflies or fabric!  The stunning spring door decor ideas below are sure to get your creative juices flowing.

Make A Monogram


Floral Monagram // Daisy Mae Belle

Five Minute Dollar Store Spring Forsythia Wreath At The Happy Housie 8

Easy Forsythia Wreath // The Happy Housie


Tissue Paper Rosettes // bugaboo, mini, mr & me

Diy Spring Paper Flower Wreath Gathering Beauty Blog

Paper Flowers // Gathering Beauty

IMG 0207 Edited 1

Moss and Roses // Homemade Ginger

Modernspringwreath 1

Floral and Yarn Hoop // Shrimp Salad Circus

Eentry Way 1703079

Floral Embroidery Hoop // Lemon Thistle

Easy Spring Refresh Door Makeover 9

Oversized Flowers // Lolly Jane

Spring Wreath Door Basket White Green

Conical Floral Basket // On Sutton Place

IMG 2206

Basket of Hydrangeas // Domestically Speaking

In this post:

Page 1 // Page 2 // Page 3 // Page 4

Dress Up Your Front Door For Spring! 40 Stunning Spring Door Decor Ideas Featured On

More great ideas:

25 Spring Mantels To Inspire Yours Featured On

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Dress Your Home Up For Spring With These 30+ Springy DIY Decor Ideas Featured On

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About Kimberly

Kimberly is a WAHM to 4 awesome kids, cool wife, writer, blogger, photo-taker and lover of all things creative.

Friday Favorites Signs of Spring and Decor Finds
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Friday Favorites: Signs of Spring and Decor Finds


Yet another week has flown by! We’ve had a marvelous spring break, and I hope you all are getting to enjoy some spring weather where you are! (Unless you are in Australia, where I believe it is fall — hello, and enjoy that, too!

Before we dive into our favorites this week, a few items of business:

First up: We are hosting another DIY challenge (like this and this) and this time it’s an OUTDOOR challenge, here on the blog and over on YouTube, in one month, on May 5th. The Get Out! outdoor DIY challenge (as we’re calling it) is to create a beautiful outdoor space or project and share how you did it — that’s it! We will each post our projects and videos on the same day (May 5th at 10 AM) and cross-link to show off all the projects. If you’re interested in joining up or have questions, drop us a line at and mention the outdoor challenge, and we’ll get you the details — photos and links will be due before the big post day, so if you’re interested, you must let us know before April 13th so we can have you on our list.


Nextly: This week will be our last Remodelaholics Anonymous link party… but don’t be too sad because we’re just moving it to a new Facebook group for bloggers! Our goal is to have a group of like-minded DIY bloggers where we can share awesome projects like we’ve done in the link party while also supporting each other and collaborating. So we’ll be doing weekly threads, similar to this link party, to see and share each others’ projects, and we’ll still be featuring our favorites in our Friday Favorites here on the site as well as on social media. If you’d like to join us there, click here to join the group

We’ve also created a new Remodelaholics Anonymous “support group” on Facebook for anyone and everyone (no blog required) to ask questions and share in the wonderful community of fellow Remodelaholics. Click here to learn more and join the group.

We’re so excited for these new groups and changes, and we’d love to hear what you think, too.

Now, on to the favorites for the week… some spring decor, some decor finds, and some great ideas, as always!

Spring Decor And More DIY Ideas #remodelaholic

Friday Favorites: Spring Decor and More

This post contains affiliate links. Learn more and read our full disclosure policy here

Favorite signs of spring: Spring has been creeping up and this week I feel like it is FINALLY HERE! Check out these beautiful spring features:

Rever en Couleur shared her spring dining room:

Spring Dining Room, Reverencouleur

and Decor to Adore has this beautiful set of tulips in her spring dining room:

Spring Home Tour, Decor To Adore

Our Crafty Mom combined a letterboard and tulips for her spring vignette:

Spring Farmhouse Vignette, Our Crafty Mom

Is it really spring without succulents? Repurpose and Upcycle combined some vintage finds with some faux succulents for a cute spring mantel.

Spring Mantel, Repurpose And Upcycle

And one more easy spring DIY: Refresh Living made this cute “wreath” door hanger from a woven plate charger — isn’t is so cute!

Wreath From Plate Charger, Refresh Living

Favorite whatchamacallit: I certainly never would have thought twice about leaving this oddball frame on the thrift store shelf, but Sadie Seasongoods saw its potential and snatched it up to make into a jumbo pocketwatch. Such a unique fun piece now!

Pocket Watch Frame Upcycle, Sadie Seasongoods

Favorite online find: I love shopping online and I love supporting handmade artisans (my dad was/is a wood carving artist) — so great handmade finds online are a double win for me! Just check out these gorgeous hand forged brackets for shelves — and the shop is offering free shipping right now, woohoo! (Looking for more open shelving ideas? Try these.)

Hand Forged Steel Shelf Brackets Sale, Solforge On Etsy

Favorite scrap project: We always have plenty of scraps, and I love the vintage style of this wood wall quilt tray that Create and Babble made! An easy way to use up scraps and add color to the walls, too.

Wood Quilt Star Tray Wall Hanging, Create And Babble

Favorite instant character: Adding a unique mirror! Mirrors not only help make a space feel larger by bouncing around the light, but they also add some instant class and style to a room based on the frame and shape of the mirror. We splurged and have LOVED this mirror on our mantel, and this non-traditional bathroom mirror caught our eye at a recent home show. (Photo ©Remodelaholic | Home built by Brinkerhoff Custom Construction)

Favorite headboard: We have a HUGE thing for headboards (like huge huge, see our favorites here and here and here… and more here) and Abbotts at Home combined the cushy comfort of an upholstered headboard with the sturdy beauty of a wood headboard in these twin headboards for her kiddos. Love the fabric choice, too!

Upholstered Diy Twin Headboard, Abbotts At Home

Favorite rug: Do I share a new rug every week, too? Guilty! This neutral farmhouse style rug caught my eye and it’s on a nice sale, too! I love window shopping for rugs, so I’d love to hear what style(s) of rug you are looking for and I’ll keep an eye out

Striped Farmhouse Rug

Favorite new twist for a classic DIY: Using a cookie sheet as a magnet board is a smart, affordable hack — but it still looks like a cookie sheet, y’know? Well, Neli Design updated hers with a frame so you’d never guess it’s a cookie sheet! My kiddos are going to love this.

Cookie Sheet Magnet Board With Frame, Neli Design

Favorite hideaway: I have been wanting one of these automatic vacuums since I first saw it on Facebook a couple of years ago, and The Handyman’s Daughter built a pantry in an awkward spot in her kitchen for added storage AND hiding away one of those little vacuums. So smart!

Build A Pantry Cabinet, The Handyman's Daughter

Favorite second chance: Not every DIY projects turns out perfectly the first time… North Country Nest painted her cabinets a couple of years ago, without perfect results, but she was brave enough to try it again and the new look (and result) is great! (If you’re painting your cabinets, you might find this post helpful, too: Refinished and Painted Cabinets: Tips, Tricks, and DIY Reviews)

Repaint Kitchen Cabinets, North Country Nest

Favorite barn doors: Yes, there’s a new favorite barn door every week, too! (See our roundup of favorites here.) I love seeing the new twists and creative looks people are creating by using rolling barn doors instead of pocket doors (which we are also big fans of). Isn’t this bypass set of double barn doors by @ourfauxfamhouse amazing!


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Get This Look Colorful Eclectic Teen Girl Bedroom
Home Decor,

Get This Look: Colorful Eclectic Teen Girl Bedroom


We’re back today with another ‘Get This Look’ post, this time with a colorful and eclectic teen girl bedroom from a recent Utah Valley Parade of Homes by Arive Homes. In case you missed it, check out the jewel toned living room from this same home here.

Boho and glam design elements compliment each other perfectly in this bedroom. Together they create an inviting oasis your fashion-forward teenage girl will love. A variety of textured and colored throw pillows set against the neutral backdrop of a white bedspread ensure that the room doesn’t feel too loud or overstated.


The juxtaposition of a farmhouse style bed frame flanked by glamorous mirrored nightstands also gives the room just the right amount of edge. After all, there’s no reason you can’t combine styles to achieve a unique look all your own. That’s the definition of eclectic!

6 Tips for a Colorful Teen Girls Room

Ready to help your teenager daughter put together a similar bedroom? Today we’re sharing 6 tips to help you achieve this colorful eclectic bedroom design complete with recommended products from some of our favorite retailers.

This post contains affiliate links for your convenience. Learn more and read our full disclosure policy here

1. Modern Pendant Light Fixtures

Rather than add matching table lamps, why not hang pendant lights instead? We love how the aqua blue light fixtures in this room echo and enhance the color palette found in the bedding and statement wallpaper.

Remodelaholic Get This Look Colorful Eclectic Girl Bedroom 1

2. Bright Statement Wallpaper

In this bedroom, the bright statement wallpaper acts as an anchor for all of the other design elements. It defines the room’s color palette and eclectic vibe. Peel-and-stick removable wallpaper makes it easy to enjoy a busy pattern like this without making a long term commitment.

Remodelaholic Get This Look Colorful Eclectic Girl Bedroom 2

3. Farmhouse Style Bed Frame

Although this room is composed of many eclectic design elements, the most surprising is definitely the farmhouse style bed frame. It contrasts beautiful with the bohemian throw pillows and elegant nightstands. Make your own rustic, farmhouse style headboard with our DIY twin headboard tutorial.

Remodelaholic Get This Look Colorful Eclectic Girl Bedroom 4

4. Glam Nightstands

You could flex your DIY muscle and make your own glamorous mirrored nightstands following this tutorial. However, we found two mirrored side table options on Amazon–Mirage Mirrored Accent Table and 3-Drawer Mirrored End Table–that are both fairly affordable at less than $150 a piece. While it might be a little bit of splurge, the effect and impact in the room is well worth it.

Remodelaholic Get This Look Colorful Eclectic Girl Bedroom 5

5. White Bedding Accented with Colorful Throw Pillows

White bedding creates a clean, neutral backdrop to display the room’s colorful throw pillows and coordinating wallpaper. Throw pillows in different colors and textures (think pompoms for one, sequins for another) enhance the room’s eclectic bohemian design. Don’t be afraid to mix and match!

See more: 16 fluffy white comforters we love

Remodelaholic Get This Look Colorful Eclectic Girl Bedroom 1

6. Flashy Animal Print Area Rug

Even if a bedroom is carpeted, you can still add style and pizazz with a flashy area rug. We love how the zebra print rug gives a playful feel to the room and ties all the design elements together. There’s no doubt this is a teenager’s space.

Below, we’ve rounded up similar or identical items from this bedroom to help you achieve the same look in your own home. Simply click any of the images to learn more about each item. You may have to double-tap on mobile.

More teen girl room ideas:

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About Clarissa

Clarissa is a wife and stepmom embracing life in the Land of Enchantment. She works as a nonprofit communication specialist by day and blogger by night. Some of her favorite things are Dr. Pepper, green chile, baseball, country music, and her yellow lab.

How to Build an Outdoor Octagon Coffee Table with Lattice Legs
Home Decor,

How to Build an Outdoor Octagon Coffee Table with Lattice Legs


Hi, it’s Amy from Hertoolbelt back with another DIY build for your outdoor space (or family room).  I have some big plans for the back yard this spring and summer, including a new outdoor seating area.  On the To-Do list is an outdoor coffee table for the seating area. The inspiration for this octagon coffee table design comes from this beauty. I love all of the X’s. Knowing this is going outside and will become weather worn, I greatly simplified the build. Building an octagon is so much easier than a circle, and I changed the X’s to a lattice effect (like my favorite bench).

Watch the video and download the building plan below — be sure to subscribe to the Remodelaholic YouTube channel for new tutorials every week!

Build a rustic wood octagon coffee table for indoor or outdoor entertaining | Uses affordable and easy-to-find 2x lumber | Easy to build coffee table featuring lattice X base legs | Free building plan from Hertoolbelt on #Remodelaholic


How to Build an Outdoor Octagon Coffee Table with X Base

Click Here to Get a Printer-Friendly Version of This Building Plan
Give me all the X's! Build a fun octagon coffee table for your outdoor patio or space.


  • 2 – 2″ x 6″ x  10′ boards (actual dimensions 1 1/2″ x 5 1/2″)
  • 3 – 2″ x 4″ x 8′ boards (actual dimensions 1 1/2″ x 3 1/2″)
  • 3 – 2″ x 2″ x 8′ boards (actual dimensions 1 1/2″ x 1 1/2″) (You’ll need four 2×2’s if you can’t rip part of the 2×4 into a 2×2, see diagram)
  • 2 1/2″ pocket hole screws
  • 2″ brad nails
  • wood glue
  • sandpaper
  • stain/top coat

Cut List

  • 2 – 1 1/2″ x 5 1/2″ x 39 1/2″ with 45 deg cuts on both ends, see diagram. (2×6)
  • 2 – 1 1/2″ x 5 1/2″ x 28″ with 45 deg cuts on both ends, see diagram. (2×6)
  • 3 – 1 1/2″ x 5 1/2″ x 40″ (2×6)
  • 16 – 1 1/2″ x 3 1/2″ x 15 3/8″ with 22.5 deg cuts on both ends, see diagram (2×4)
  • 16 – 1 1/2″ x 1 1/2″ x 17 5/8″ with 40 deg cuts on both ends, see diagram (2×2)

Cut Diagram

Outdoor Coffee Table Octagon Cut Diagram

Step 1: Make the cuts according to the cut list and diagram.

Split the 15 3/8″ 2×4 pieces into two piles of 8. Drill pocket holes for 1 1/2″ material in both ends of 8 – 15 3/8″ pieces. Use wood glue and 2 1/2″ pocket hole screws to attach 4 of the pocket hole 2×4 pieces to 4 of the non pocket hole 2×4 pieces (see sketch).  Once joined together, they’ll make an octagon.

(***Hint for assembly: if your 22.5 deg cuts are not perfect, you may need to loosen pocket hole screws to fit the last piece, then you can tighten the screws again.)

Repeat to make a 2nd octagon.

Outdoor Coffee Table Octagon Assemble Top And Bottom Supports

Step 2: Attach the legs.

For all of the X legs that start on the right, measure about 1″ from the octagon point and 1/4″ in from the outer edge.  Use wood glue and 2″ brad nails to secure X leg in place. Repeat for 8 legs.

Outdoor Coffee Table Octagon Attach Legs 1

For the 2nd leg, mark 3/8″ to the right of the octagon inside points and 1/4″ in from the inner edge. (see sketch) Use wood glue and 2″ brad nails to secure the 2nd leg in place. Repeat for 8 legs.

Outdoor Coffee Table Octagon Attach Legs 2

On the 2nd octagon, make the same measurement marks (1″ x 1/4″ and 3/8″ x 1/4″).  Apply wood glue and flip the octagon with legs onto the 2nd octagon. Use 2″ brad nails to attach the X legs to the 2nd octagon. It’s ok if the X’s don’t line up with marks exactly.

Outdoor Coffee Table Octagon Attach Top Support

Step 3: Attach the top.

Spread out the top boards 28″, 39 1/2″, 40″, 40″, 40″, 39 1/2″, 28″, leave a 1/4″ gap between each board. Place the X base onto the top and use 2 1/2″ screws to attach the top boards to the top support octagon.

Outdoor Coffee Table Octagon Attach Top Boards

Step 4: Finish

Fill any cracks, holes, blemishes and pocket holes if desired with filler and allow to dry.  Sand the octagon table until it is smooth, finishing with 120-150 grit sandpaper.  To get a weathered brown look, I first applied a coat of Weathered Wood Accelerator and allowed to cure overnight. I antiqued around the edges and lightly brushed the board faces with a very small amount of dark brown Kona stain.  To blend the Kona, I use pre-stain conditioner and rub it over the Kona.  Once the stain has dried, consider protecting the table with an outdoor sealer or polyurethane.

Give me all the X's! Build a fun octagon coffee table for your outdoor patio or space.

Thanks for pinning!

Give me all the X's! Build a fun octagon coffee table for your outdoor patio or space.

For more build plans check out Hertoolbelt:

Farmhouse Picture Frame // Scroll Console Table // Double X Bench

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build a modern deck pergola

Modern Deck Pergola @Remodelaholic 34

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Amy is the tool lover at Hertoolbelt. On Hertoolbelt, Amy shares DIY furniture plans, handyman tutorials, and craft patterns. She has two pint sized ‘helpers’ that help fix things around the house and build fun projects.