310 Nutrition Shake vs IdealShape: Which One Has the Upper Hand?


Meal replacement shakes have helped people achieve significant weight loss. However, when the market is flooded with various shakes, you can only afford to purchase the best of the best products. 310 Shake and IdealShape are worthwhile buys but what characteristics distinguish them? Read on to find out.  


It feels nice to treat your taste buds to a delicious drink. Well, both 310 nutrition and Ideal shape have thrilling flavors. Ideal shape is available in strawberry, orange cream, vanilla, and chocolate among other flavors.   

With 310, you will enjoy tastes such as vanilla chai, mocha, chocolate and salted caramel. You will love them. From 310 shake reviews, users have a lot to say about its taste. They like the creamy taste and the wonderful textures that make the shake amazing to swallow.  


It is crucial to check the number of calories in a serving when buying diet shakes. This is the safest way to ensure you do not gain unnecessary pounds. Therefore, ensure you buy products low in calories such as 310 Nutrition and IdealShape.  

310 has 90 calories per serving while Ideal contains 100 calories per serving. The 10 calories are not such a big difference. Therefore, when it comes to calories, you can use either of the shakes. In addition to calories, these shakes have other ingredients. For example, both of them have vitamins and minerals. Nonetheless, 310 shakes contain probiotics that foster a healthy gut and a blend of superfoods greens.  


If you intend to cut weight, you have to keep your sugar intake at the minimum level possible. IdealShape comes with 1g sugar while 310’s plant-based shakes are sugarless but the whey-based type has 1g of sugar.  

Do not worry about artificial sweeteners or fructose when drinking 310 shakes. They do not have such components, as is the case with IdealShape. Unless you do not mind the sugars in IdealShape, 310 would be a better option for you. Artificial sugars are harmful to your health and derail your efforts to attain fitness. 310 uses natural sugar to sweeten its shakes.  


Proteins serve a crucial role in helping your body build and repair muscles. It reduces fat in your body assisting you to drop excess weight. Now, 310 nutrition shakes contain 15g protein in a single serving. The ideal shape has 11g. A higher amount of protein means you build muscles and repair them faster. IdealShape contains whey protein blend. If you have any health restrictions against whey, then this product is not for you. 

However, 310 shakes provide two types of shakes whey-based and plant-based giving you the freedom to choose what you need. The types contain pea, brown rice, and hemp proteins. If your diet does not allow whey, 310 shakes is the way to go. 310 nutrition reviews reveal customers appreciating the brand for recognizing the fact that different users need different protein types. The plant-based 310 shakes have no sugar, dairy or gluten. Anyone can use them.  


Fiber helps with digestion and making you feel full. It is the bulk of any high-quality meal replacement shake. It also does a good job of ridding your system of toxins. If you struggle with bloating, you need to take food high in fiber to ease the condition. Regarding fiber content, Ideal and 310 shakes have equal amounts of fiber that is 5g. Ideal shake gets its fiber from potato extract while 310 uses xanthan gum, dietary finder and waxy maize.  

Other Components 

As mentioned earlier, 310 shakes and IdealShape contain minerals and vitamins. In addition to the proteins, low calories and fiber, these products are providing you a balanced meal every time you drink them.  

Actually, 310 shake offers you more. It has superfoods such as maca root, broccoli, cell chlorella, and kale. Such elements make the shake even more nutritious than other products on the market. You will become and feel stronger with the energy to take you through an entire day. In the end, you will have a healthy weight that ensures you are fit enough to be productive in your personal and professional life.  


IdealShape is available at approximately $50 for 30servings while 310 shakes go at approximately $70 for 28 servings. Both shakes are quite affordable considering the effect they will have on your body weight. Losing weight is achievable when using effective meal replacement shakes. Consider 310 and IdealShape shakes. Despite the disparity in the ingredients, they are worthwhile products. However, it is clear that 310 shakes have a higher nutritional value than IdealShape shakes.